New Delhi: On Saturday, the health ministry said that a positive trend was emerging in 47 districts from 23 states where not even a single case of coronavirus was reported in the last 14 days. It added that 22 new districts from 12 states had joined this list which could bear witness to the success of India’s COVID-19 containment efforts.

“Our field-level action is yielding positive results. Along with Mahe in Puducherry, Kodagu in Karnataka too, has not registered any new case in last 28 days. Besides this, 45 other districts in 23 states have not registered any new case in last 14 days,” said Lav Agarwal, joint secretary health ministry.

He added that three districts—Patna in Bihar, Panipat in Haryana and Nadia in Bengal-- which had earlier not shown any positive cases had registered new cases underlining the tough nature of the fight against the highly contagious disease.

Agarwal added that a total of 1,992 people have been cured of the disease so far, and the overall cure percentage stood at 13.8%. He said 991 new positive cases reported over the last 24 hours had taken the total number of infections to 14,378 including 48 new deaths, which raised the death toll to 480 in the country.

The overall COVID-19 mortality rate in India as on Saturday stood at 3.3%. The highest mortality rate of 33.1% was from 50 to 75 years age group, followed by 32% from 75+ age group, 14.4% from population up to 45 years of age and 10.3% from 45-60 years age group. 83% of fatalities also had comorbid conditions, he added.

Agarwal said that 4,291 of India’s 14,378 coronavirus cases were from a single source- Nizamuddin Markaz cluster—which roughly translates into about 30% of all positive cases.