Bengaluru: When there are multiple stories of how COVID-19 patients have suffered badly, here is one that comes as refreshingly different. 

A 40-year-old, who had a two-month-long battle with the virus, in the ICU and the general ward, has recovered. The heartening case was reported from Belagavi, Karnataka, Times of India notes. 

The website adds that the patient who was wheeled into the ICU of KLE hospital, was attended by three doctors. Hopes were not high as 80% of his lungs had been damaged by the virus. 

But it is important to note that the patient refused to be intimidated by the virus. His will to chug along also had a great say in his phenomenal story of recuperation. 

He was put on a non-invasive ventilator. 

The website quoted Dr Prabhu, who is also in-charge of corona care at the hospital, as saying, “Even when he was severely sick he followed our directions to a tee. For example, he was asked to stay in a prone position while sleeping and he followed it strictly.” 
It is to be further noted that plasma therapy was administered on him, but unfortunately, it did not yield desirable results. 

The doctors removed infectious marks using cytosorb therapy. 

The website also quoted MV Jali, hospital director, as saying, “Despite expertise of doctors and high-end medical technology, battling the virus for 60 days is not easy. It is the willpower of the patient which saved him. The patient is now discharged and resting at home.”

After his 45-day stint at the ICU, he was shifted to the general ward for a fortnight. There too, he was put on a ventilator. After that, the doctors discharged him. 

This success of story of the patient is an epitome of how willpower can enable a man to face crisis effectively and emerge victorious.