Vijayapura: Around 21 people fell ill after they drank contaminated water from an open well at Harnal village near Talikoti on Sunday.

Though the incident took place on Sunday, the higher authorities learnt of it only on Tuesday.

All 21 people who fell sick were rushed to the taluk hospital when they started feeling uneasy. Doctors confirmed that all of them who were hospitalised are now out of danger. Doctors also confirmed that they fell sick because they drank contaminated water.

The incident allegedly took place due to the panchayat development officer’s negligence. He failed to clean up the open wells on time and supply clean drinking water.

The panchayat development officer did not inform the higher authorities about the incident. He was warned by the chief executive officer of the zilla panchayat for not bringing the incident to the notice of the zilla panchayat or the district administration.

In a similar incident that occurred recently in Rajasthan, a family fell severely ill after consuming contaminated water. Many people use traditional earthen pots to keep water cold in the scorching heat of the summer. One person had died and at least 14 people were hospitalized after drinking water that was stored in an earthen pot in a village.

The incident came to light when Maniram Meghwal’s family comprising his wife, Sushila, their two sons and their wives began complained of severe stomach-ache after consuming water that was stored in an earthen pot kept at their house. While they were being rushed to the hospital by their neighbours, Sushila died.

About 10 relatives of Sushila, who were staying at her house to perform her last rites drank the water from the earthen pot and they too fell ill. They had to be rushed to a district government hospital to receive treatment.

The Rajasthan Police took the contaminated water from the earthen pot and sent it for forensic testing.