Kottayam: Gandhinagar police have booked cases against two doctors and Dianova Diagnostic Centre in Kottayam for wrongly diagnosing a Kerala woman with cancer. The patient also underwent chemotherapy.

A case was booked, and the woman has sought legal action against medical officers and doctors who diagnosed her with cancer and treated her. The doctors are identified as RP Renjin and consultant oncologist K Suresh Kumar.

The Alappuzha native underwent chemotherapy in Alappuzha Medical College for a six-centimetre long lump in her breast, which was diagnosed as cancer by a private lab. Samples were also sent to the pathology lab for diagnosis. Based on this initial test result of the private lab, the doctors directed her to undergo chemotherapy and other treatments.

After the first round of chemotherapy, the test results from the pathology lab arrived. The results, however, revealed that there no signs of cancer. Following chemotherapy, Rajani lost her hair and her skin turned dark. Recognising the lapse, samples were sent to Thiruvananthapuram Regional Cancer Centre for further testing.

Another set of samples was sent to a private laboratory at the RCC once again. The samples tested negative for cancer.

The patient was later provided with a correction course while the benign lump was surgically removed.