Bengaluru: In what is indeed great adventure, two Indian Navy officers, who took up the challenging task of running from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, have completed it ahead of schedule.
The two officers, who started running on January 12 – National Youth Day – were supposed to end it on March 8 – Women’s Day. But they reached Kashmir on Friday itself. 

In all, the two officers - Sanjay Kumar and Ram Rathan – took as many as 53 days to accomplish the feat. Republic TV adds that the aim behind the run was to create awareness regarding health.

In order to boost their morale, the officers were joined by the other runners during their run of more than 4200 km, it notes further. 

The navy officers have a message to the youth

Ram Rathan said, "This was a very different experience for me and I feel blessed that I covered India with my own feet. We saw the real unity of diversity across the country, also Athithi Devo Bhava still exists. We received full support from the villages, cities, running community. After this journey, I really felt My India is Great. I would like to convey this to India's youth that please go for the Integrity of India. If you want to give up drugs the only solution is running, you just want a short and a t-shirt. I assure you can run 42kms after a month," Rathan said.

Another officer Sanjay Kumar said, "We started this K2K (Kanyakumari to Kashmir) journey on the occasion of Youth Day that is January 12. Earlier the plan was to finish the running in 56 days covering 11 Indian states, 91 major cities and 1000 plus villages. This journey was really supportive in terms of everything, We saw India getting connected from Kanyakumari till Kashmir. Some people showed their support by running with us. We have run to promote the government's initiative Fit India movement, through this movement I want to give a message to India's youth that instead of spending time on phones should invest their time on their health. It would help them to stay away from diseases like Obesity, Hypertension, etc," Kumar said, as quoted by Republic TV.