Bengaluru: Ever since Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister for the first time in the year 2014, the word “patriotism” has become and remained a buzzword.

Words like cows, temples, saffron, have all become synonymous with patriotism, but when Narendra Modi linked the concept of family planning to patriotism, he has certainly given a new definition of it.

PM Modi said, “A small section of society, which keeps their families small, deserves respect. What they are doing is an act of patriotism.”

In simple words, family planning refers to the concept of ensuring that a couple do not have a number of kids, making it difficult for themselves and bringing a burden on the resources available in the Nature.

Through Modi’s extolment of the small section of society working towards small families and terming it patriotism, is he hinting at a policy to check the rampant rise in population?

Pramila Nesargi, a prominent lawyer said, “What he is doing is good. Whether a law will be enacted in this regard is hard to say. Such laws work in China. We have to wait and watch how things progress.”

A report from News18 says that in 2017, the United Nation's World Population Prospect had predicted that India's population was set to surpass China in 2024 and projected to touch 1.5 billion in 2030. India accounts for 18% of the world’s total population, it said. The report had also warned that large and persistent economic and demographic asymmetries were likely to emerge as a result of this.

An issue of this important a magnitude would be left incomplete sans the expertise of doctors. MyNation spoke to Dr Adoor Gurucharan, neurophysician, who was more than willing to welcome the move.

He said, “It is plausible that the prime minister is thinking n these lines. The lesser the population the better would be the healthcare. The patient to doctor ratio is disproportionate. Such a move is a stepping stone to country’s growth. If there is a law enacted, it should pass legal scrutiny. Religious and sentimental aspects should be removed from such sensitive issues.”