Bengaluru: On the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 69th birthday, we have compiled a few interesting facts about the leader. 

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1.    As a young man, Modi had given up eating salt, oil and even chillies! 

2.    Modi had this habit of questioning his teachers in his school. He would ask them questions like, “Sir, why do you do it like that? You could do it so. It is easy – you could do it. Why don’t you do this?” To these questions, the teachers would reply, “You are an urchin. You are annoying me, you small kid.” 

3.    In his childhood, Modi used to wash his own clothes and those of his family members in a public lake. People used to come and watch Modi washing clothes as they felt he used to wash clothes in a different and more efficient manner. 

4.    Once, when Modi and his mother were walking on the road, he found a one-rupee coin. His mother asked him to pick it up and use it for himself. But Modi didn’t do so. He gave it to a poor man’s daughter in the village, who needed the money badly for buying her books and pencils. 

5.    When Modi used to attend RSS’s shakhas, he was impressed by a person named Lakshman Rao Inamdar, whom he confesses is his mentor and guide. Whenever Modi had any problems at that point in his life, he used to approach him and confide in him, to get the best possible solutions. 

6.    Modi once missed Diwali celebrations at his house. His parents were very disappointed at this. Incidentally, it was the same day that Lakshman Rao Inamdar inducted him to the RSS. 

7.    Modi was diligent in his studies and classroom. Once when the class monitor wanted to mark Modi’s homework, Modi obstinately refused it. The idea was that Modi wanted his qualified class teacher alone to do it.