Bengaluru: Shekhar Gupta is an eminent journalist. There’s no two words about it. 

But being a journalist, that too, an eminent one at that, he ought to be more responsible at that. 

It is implicit that a responsible journalist will not resort to rumours and imaginations, but swear by facts and figures. 

However Shekhar Gupta seems to be an exception. 

In his hurry to indict and incriminate the Narendra Modi government, Gupta has said that the BJP was not voted to bring the CAB. 


Let alone a political expert, even a casual political observer would note that the BJP had broached upon this issue in its election manifesto 2019. 

The journalist also says that the BJP is “bringing back the ghosts of Partition.”

What does he actually mean? Is the persecution of the non-Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan unreal or a fiction of somebody’s imagination? 

Cloaked as journalists, such people like Shekhar Gupta are only driving an anti-Modi agenda.  

There is nothing in the CAB that can be termed ‘anti-minority’ or against the ethos of the constitution. 

The bill aims to shelter persecuted non-Muslims in the mentioned countries and give them citizenship in a country that professes Indic faiths. 

All thanks to social media, Shekhar Gupta was proved how his claims were wrong. Some of them on the microblogging site even took photos of the BJP manifesto, highlighting BJP’s promise to implement CAB. 


In fact, both the PM and the Union home minister have repeatedly said that the BJP will implement the CAB during their speeches. What is also pertinent to note here is that the BJP won more seats in

2019 than what it had done in the year 2014, based on the election manifesto it had placed before the Indian citizens. 
Journalists like Shekhar Gupta would do well before letting their tongues loose, bereft of facts.