Making chai is an art and every chai lover would know that. If you’ve been struggling to achieve a great taste and can’t seem to find where you’re lacking, we’re here to help you out. Let’s explore the reasons why you’re not able to make that perfect cup of tea and learn how you can improve your tea-making skills. With these tips and tricks, you'll soon earn the title of the ultimate 'tea chef' in your household.

Find out where you're lacking:

•    You’re using too much or too little tea leaves for making tea. As a result, it either turns out too weak or too strong. 
•    You don’t brew the tea enough. Under-brewing will result in lack of flavour in tea. You need to know when the tea achieves the desired colour and consistency. 
•    You’re using too much water. Using water more than what is required will make the tea tasteless and too watery. 
•    Knowing when to add milk to boiling water is important. When the water is boiling hot with all the ingredients melding together, giving a nice aroma, add the milk to it. Also, use full cream milk instead of skim milk.
•    You’re using tea of poor quality. There’s a wide variety of tea available in the market. Do your research and choose the best one that gives both flavour and colour. 
•    Too much sugar can also worsen the taste of the tea. While preparing tea, always add less amount of sugar. If more sweetness is required, it can be adjusted later. 

Some tips to make the tea taste better:

•    Keep the milk and water ratio 60:40 or 70:30, with the milk quantity being more than the water. It helps give the right consistency to your chai. 
•    Brewing is an essential part. Let the tea to brew on medium flame and allow the ingredients to meld together. 
•    For a richer taste, take two cloves and 3 black peppercorns, crush them and add to the tea. 

With these chai making skills, you can learn how to get better at it. It’s not a laborious process and only needs attention to a few things. All the best!