Modern times have seen a change in behaviour and the fight for gender equality has been on the rise. However, many consider that the there is still a lot of progress to make to in terms of breaking away from the belief that men should be breadwinners and women should be homemakers. A school in Spain has been making efforts to do away with stereotyping in an initiative to promote gender equality.

Teachers and parents have volunteered to teach students in additional classes on household chores, mainly for boys in Vigo, Spain. The school has introduced Home Economics as a compulsory subject.

Home Economics includes cooking, ironing, cleaning, sewing, bedmaking and washing clothes.


The subject has been introduced in Colegia Montecastelo located in Vigo. The initial purpose of this class was to teach cooking, but after a positive response, washing, ironing and house cleaning were also included.

The mission behind the initiative was to “build values,” shine a light on gender inequality and break the stigma that comes along with these types of activities.

The school also conducts classes in carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical work to promote life skills.


The school’s coordinator Gabriel Bravo said, “It seemed very useful for our students to learn to perform these tasks so that when they form a family, they are involved from the beginning and know that a house is a matter of two, it’s not a matter of women cleaning, doing the dishes and ironing. This will allow them to become aware and learn to handle themselves at home.”