New Delhi: Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli on Friday (March 27) requested all Indians to follow the Union government’s directives with honesty and take the 21-day lockdown seriously in order to combat the deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Kohli posted a video on his Twitter account requesting everyone not to come out of their houses. He said he was disappointed with some of the people who violated the lockdown and were “having fun” on the streets.

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“Please wake up to the reality and seriousness of the situation and take responsibility. The nation needs our support and honesty,” Kohli wrote along with the one minute and 50-second video where he is seen speaking in Hindi.

Kohli said, “What I have seen in the last few days, where people were crowding, coming on to the streets, I think we are taking this battle (against coronavirus) lightly. This battle is not ordinary as it looks. I request you all to follow ‘social distancing’. Whatever directives have been given by the government, please follow them with complete honesty.”

He added, “Just think, if your carelessness leads to problems to someone in your family, how will you feel? Our government, medical experts have been working very hard (to fight the virus). This will only be successful if we as Indian citizens take full responsibility and follow everything. Coming on to roads to have fun and taking advantage of the current situation (lockdown) is not honesty as an Indian citizen. I want this to be rectified. I request you all, whatever the government is saying, please follow that. Jai Hind.”

This is not the first time that Kohli had sent out a message to fellow Indians amid the coronavirus crisis. Earlier too, with his actress wife Anushka Sharma, Kohli has been constantly urging people to be safe and stay at home.