There is a famous proverb “Where there is a will there is a way”, Mohit Patel, 19, a young entrepreneur from Rajasthan proves it to the point. A self-made man who believes that if you have dedication and ready to out in your entire efforts in something you love to do, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

Mohit belongs to a small village of Udaipur District of Rajasthan and is a B.Sc. Second Year student, but he already has founded 2 organizations MP Media Promotions, a social media marketing solutions Company and Popular Story a News Agency. 

Although he has not done any formal course in social media marketing yet he has renowned clients from India and abroad who rely on him for their social media marketing campaigns. Mohit Patel is an expert in providing tailor made cost effective solutions for effective and measurable growth on social media. He says “ I don’t have any formal certification in this, but I believe in power of self learning. I did lot of self-study and research in the field of social media marketing. Initially I struggled a lot in learning and also in convincing people that I can provide them effective social media growth solutions, but slowly due to the quality of solutions my credibility improved. Now I have clients not only form different parts of India but off-shore clients too.”

As his social media marketing business is on rise, riding on its success Mohit Patel has started a News Agency with the name of Popular Story. He says “The aim behind launching Popular Story is to take the relevant news in unfiltered and unbiased form to the viewers. We will be focusing more on positive stories because in my personal view is at present media is filled with lots of negative news, we should be taking positive side of the world to the readers too.”

Mohit is working day and night relentlessly to make his parents and people of his hometown feel proud on him. He is operating both his firms alongside his studies, as he believes education is extremely necessary not for degrees or certification but for enriching the life and to stay humble and grounded and be knowledgeable.

This young business surely has a mind-set, focus and determination needs to be successful in life.