There are many individuals who have proved their worth by doing exceptionally well in their respective careers. We have one name who has done wonders in his own capacity as a freelance professional, he is Sohail Tariq who has always believed in himself and the outcome has been astounding as he has managed to conquer his area of work, having established himself well in his zone. He switched career from being a chartered accountant to a freelance expert within no time and worked exceedingly well to establish himself well like no one else. His stint in the financial world was not satisfying as he felt he was in a rat race trying to achieve something which was impractical and in the process was experiencing a burnout. In time, he realized that this was not his calling and set out to look for alternatives.

He says, “I was over-trading time for money in the financial world and was tired of the monotonous life which was heading nowhere. I took the decision to change tracks and was fortunate enough to get something worthwhile in the form of drop-shipping." Though there was a steep learning curve, numerous setbacks and failures during the initial stages, Tariq quickly realized he had a knack for the business and kept at it, till he hit the bulls eye. Success didn't come overnight, but he was soon in business, with being busy each day fulfilling orders, replying to customer service requests and take care of the vast inventory and marketing. He created a strategic plan to automate his business in order to maximize profits without being involved 24/7, by switching to a drop-shipping model. Creating his own personalized automation, he made sure everything was in auto mode and didn't require his presence.

“This is the way entrepreneurship works as you get an opportunity, you develop it, and before you know, the fire is fueling itself," says Tariq who today handles 200+ Drop-Shipping Accounts, 100 Wholesales accounts, 50 Amazon PL Projects and 30 Walmart accounts of 200+ clients and has 250 employees working under him, which is quite a feat well achieved.

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