Metaverse based game Honeyland is all set to be a treat for all blockchain gaming lovers. Powered by Solana, Honeyland's team is working on a complete Honeyverse that will not just let the users play and earn, it will also take their experience to a whole new level.
Honeyland is the first of its kind mobile-first strategy and resource management P2E game built around an open ecosystem and gamified decentralized exchange. The one of its kind gamified DEX backed by the Solana blockchain will enable players to effortlessly swap tokens, become a Liquidity Provider by providing liquidity to any token of pools, and earn rewards by staking HONEY.

As the players earn HONEY in Honeyland, they’ll be encouraged to use the gamified DEX to participate in common DeFi activities like swapping, staking, and yield farming. The activities are both fun and easy to understand as they can be done directly from their main Hive in the game.

Talking about the P2E model, here's how you can earn NFTs and HONEY while playing the game.

1) Missions: The users have to send bees on missions to earn. The missions include harvesting, hunting, attacking and stealing. While it's a great way to earn, it's important to send the right bees for the right missions so that you can make the most out of it.

2) Commissions: This is a great way to earn for the landowners. The landowners can farm their own land and can also allow other players to farm on their lands. This will help them earn a commission on the NFTs and HONEY extracted. Bee owners will also get a chance to rent their bee NFT to other players.

3) Marketplace: The native marketplace of Honeyland enables the users to buy, sell and trade NFTs plus other in-game assets. These assets help the users to increase their HONEY earning ability and can also be used to get their resale value.

4) DeFi: Use Honeyland's own decentralized exchange to stake, swap and farm your HONEY to earn more. Even if you are inexperienced, the gamified way of doing the activities makes it fun and easy.

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