In its report, the advertising firm Dentsu outlined that the Indian advertising market is forecasted to grow at 12.4% by 2022. This is predicted to be led by the digital sphere. 

Furthermore, net ad revenues across all digital platforms will rise by 19% to reach ₹254 billion in 2022. On the other hand, RedSeer has reported that the online retail market in India is set to become the third-largest retail market by 2023. 

This blog will illustrate the pivotal role digital marketing plays in India's Economic Recovery and why one must invest in a digital marketing course online. 

Importance of Digital Marketing in the Indian Economy 

Digital marketing has a significant impact on all aspects of life, and businesses are not untouched. It has helped MSMEs in the expansion path and helped them fulfill their dream of reaching local and international markets. A survey revealed that 50% of its respondents know of the advantages of digital technology. 

Direct to Consumer brands have experienced approximately 200% growth in nutrition, beauty, personal care, etc. Brands such as MamaEarth, Sugar, Boat, MyGlamm, Lenskart, Licious, Epigamia have established themselves in the D2C market despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. 

Moreover, many consumers use digital services due to the convenience it provides. RedSeer Consulting brought to the forefront that 88% of online shoppers will belong from Tier 2 cities. 

On the other hand, Octane Research brought to the fore the role of the CMOS, who believe that India is expected to witness a V-shaped recovery. This comes in the face of India's economy suffering heavily due to the pandemic. The GDP had contracted and had narrowed down to 7.5% due to the pandemic. 

The rise of social media, apps and instant messaging platforms will be witnessed more often than ever. As per Admitad Affiliate India, many brands will now be experimenting with digital platforms that will not just be limited to promotion but purchase. As a result, most brands will undergo a trial-and-error method to craft marketing strategies. 

Indeed, branding is an integral part of most companies now. Through the digital platform, they are reaching a wider audience. That is why one must learn digital marketing as ample job opportunities are available in this industry. 

The pandemic also has accelerated spending to another level. As a result, most brands have experienced a high return on investment with digital marketing. 

Hence, one needs to invest in the best digital marketing course that teaches the fundamentals and implementation of its knowledge in real life. 

Why Invest in a Digital Marketing Course Online? 

One should invest in a digital marketing course online to learn the channels through which it is conducted. Then, one can generate more revenue by crafting campaigns, developing content strategies, and establishing one's business online. 

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