A six-year-old highly popular and controversial YouTuber in South Korea has bought property worth Rs 55 crore. The girl is known as Boram to her 30 million YouTube subscribers.

The young YouTuber purchased the five-storeyed building on a 258-square-metre plot of land in the posh Seoul suburb of Gangnam earlier this year. It was purchased for 95 billion Korean won.

According to a public real estate registration document, the purchase was made through the Boram Family company, set up by the YouTuber’s parents.

Her YouTube channels -- Boram Tube Toy Reviews channel and Boram Tube Vlog -- has close to 30 million subscribers and generates an estimate of over Rs 21 lakh every month.

Boram’s parents were ordered by a court to undergo counselling for prevention of child abuse in 2017, after Save the Children, a non-profit organisation reported some of her controversial videos to the police.

The organisation reported the videos after they received complaints from South Koreans regarding the “negative impacts” the videos have on young viewers, reports stated.

The controversial videos have reportedly been taken down since then.

Similar to other YouTubers, Boram partners with brands to sell merchandise or include products in her videos. She also earns money from the advertisements that play in her video.

Boram’s most popular videos have more than 300 million views.