World Day against Trafficking in Persons is observed on July 30 every year. The initiative had been taken by the United Nations (UN) states members in 2013 in order to create awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion and protection of their rights.

According to the Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, almost a third of all human trafficking victims worldwide are children. The same report states that women and girls comprise 71% of human trafficking victims.

According to International Labour Organisation, around 21 million people are victims of forced labour globally, out of which a significant number are victims of human trafficking, reports stated.

While Pakistan, China and India are in the top ten for the countries which have the highest number of trafficking victims, as per the reports of the US Department of States, Bangladesh has been ranked in the tier 2 watchlist. The country does not completely meet the minimum standards outlined in the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 which is required to combat trafficking in persons. But the country has been making considerable efforts to do so by initiating the National Plan of Action and investigations.

The UN General Assembly adopted the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons, urging governments worldwide to take coordinated and consistent measures to defeat the menace in 2010.

The UN took to Twitter today to spread awareness regarding the observation of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons. The tweet has received several responses from supporters stating how serious the issue of trafficking is and how it should be stopped by all means.