New Delhi: WikiLeaks, on Thursday, published a "Highly Confidential" internal document from the cloud computing provider Amazon which listed the addresses of over 100 data centers in nine countries including China, Singapore and Japan.

In a release posted on its Twitter handle and website, WikiLeaks titled it as "Amazon Atlas". It also published a map of Amazon's data centers.

"Today, 11 October 2018, WikiLeaks publishes a "Highly Confidential" internal document from the cloud computing provider Amazon. The document from late 2015 lists the addresses and some operational details of over one hundred data centers spread across fifteen cities in nine countries. To accompany this document, WikiLeaks also created a map showing where Amazon’s data centers are located," WikiLeaks said.

"While one of the benefits of the cloud is the potential to increase reliability through geographic distribution of computing resources, cloud infrastructure is remarkably centralised in terms of legal control. Just a few companies and their subsidiaries run the majority of cloud computing infrastructure around the world. Of these, Amazon is the largest by far, with recent market research showing that Amazon accounts for 34% of the cloud infrastructure services market," it added.

The 20-page leaked document, which was uploaded by WikiLeaks on its website, shows addresses and some operational details of Amazon, which is the largest cloud provider.

The internal Amazon document is titled, "Data Center Locations" with a warning on the first page itself.

"WARNING: This information is not public and is classed as Highly Confidential!," it reads.

"There are five major regions that our data centers are deployed to," states the document.

Apart from data centers in the US, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Amazon operates from Asia too, with offices in China, Singapore and Japan.

The 15 locations as per WikiLeaks are Northern Virginia, Seattle, California Bay Area, Northeastern Oregon, Dublin, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Beijing, Ningxia, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The Singapore office is named "Amazon Asia-Pacific Resources Pte Ltd, C/O Tata Communication Internal Pte Ltd" with "Mr. Raja Rajaram" listed as "DCO".

Raja Rajaram appears to be of Indian origin and there is another person named Gaurav Wadhwani in one more Singapore office.

As per the document, "Amazon is known as 'Vandalay Industries' on badges and all correspondence with building manager."

"Until now, this cloud infrastructure controlled by Amazon was largely hidden, with only the general geographic regions of the data centers publicised. While Amazon’s cloud is comprised of physical locations, indications of the existence of these places are primarily buried in government records or made visible only when cloud infrastructure fails due to natural disasters or other problems in the physical world," WikiLeaks said.