People generally have cats or dogs as house pets. However, seeing a dangerous wild predator as a house pet is a rare sight. A video is making rounds on the internet of an influencer getting attacked by a cheetah kept as a pet in a house. 

The video was posted on Instagram by a user account named nouman.hassan1. The caption read, "Cheetah Attack". 



The video currently has over 2.3 million likes and thousands of comments from people across the internet expressing their anger over people keeping wild animals as pets. One user wrote, "The cheapest tackiest classless ppl in the world are those who keep WILDLIFE as house pets. Money can’t buy class or morals," calling out the ethical values of the pet owners. 

"Poor cat & they clipped her nails! If not would slid his neck open," another user wrote. 

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"The blinding speed of that animal is incredible. If that cat had its claws, he would died instantly," one user added.

In the video, the man can be seen sitting near the cheetah and trying to pet it. As he touches the cheetah on the head, it attacks the man; however, there is no injury visible in the video. Many speculate it is due to the removal of the cheetah's nails to make it more safe for indoors. 

"Ignorance that you bring an animal to live in an environment that is not forbidden for you, Allah created them to live in the wild," one person said.

"What a poor mentality !!! Remove the wild animal from its habitat to raise it as a pet. Bad for the normal balance of the ecosystem and even worse for the human being who pretends not to see the short and long term consequences," another user wrote. 

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