In this era of the internet, everyone is trying to go viral and garner as many views and attention as possible. People go to unimaginable lengths to get internet fame and sometimes even discard their own safety or ethics. 

One such video has surfaced on the internet where a man is just casually strolling with a lion and a tiger in a room. The video is posted on Instagram by a user account, @miansaqib363, depicting a man walking with a tiger and a lion in a room with cages. 



A post shared by Mian Saqib (@miansaqib363)


The video has been shared on different platforms all across the internet. Several people are amazed by the laidback attitude of the man strolling with two of nature's fiercest predators. Many people are furious over the carelessness depicted by the man and many are questioning the ethics of using animals as props in the video. 

One user wrote, "These poor animals. I hope this unspeakably horrible attitude of predatory cats is strictly banned. If you can't afford to treat wild animals in a species-friendly manner, leave your hands off of them!!!!"

Another user wrote, "He's playing a very dangerous game he can't turn his back on anyone of them “I hope they eat you “you took away their freedom," expressing their anger towards the man for using these wild endangered animals for his profit.

The post is getting mixed reactions as some people are lauding the man for being brave while some are furious and worried for the wellbeing of the wild animals. 

"This is ignorance, these animals were born to be free," a user wrote. 

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