Washington: In order to defuse fresh tensions between India and Pakistan, post abrogation of Article 370,  the US is working on a two-pronged strategy, said officials from the Donald Trump administration.

Accordingly, the US will exert pressure on Pakistan to refrain it from indulging in any cross-border infiltration or providing material or financial support to terrorist activities in India, particularly in Kashmir.

As the second strategy, it will encourage India to bring normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir and to see to it that  political prisoners are released and channels of communications are reopened and human rights are protected in the contended regions.

A senior US government official said that President Donald Trump is asking Pakistan to prevent the infiltration of militants across the line of control and to crack down on terror groups on its territory that have attacked India in the past.

The official said the US has warned Islamabad against repeating any such tactics referring to the massive infiltration of terrorists and non-state actors by Pakistan inside India in 1989.

In addition, the US officials warned Pakistan of facing an imminent prospect of being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) if Islamabad doesn't act on its commitments against terrorism financing.

Trump in a telephonic conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had asked to avoid escalating tensions over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

As per the second strategy, the Trump administration is focusing on human rights issues in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in the Kashmir Valley.

The officials said that the US urges respect for individual rights, compliance with legal procedures and an inclusive dialogue with those affected.

The human rights issue is likely to come up during the meeting between Modi and Trump in France on the sidelines of the G-7 summit.