After villagers in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh went bonkers when one of their cows gave birth to a calf with human-like head, another case of deformity in the animal came to light, but this time in Brazil.

The animal had four eyes and two mouths and was seen lying on the ground  at a farm in Caiaponia - a town in the Brazilian state of Goias. The farmer, whose calf it was said that she never imagined an animal like that would be born.

Unlike in the first case where villagers started worshiping the calf thinking that it is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, farmers in the Brazil farm tried to hand feed the animal some milk and keep it alive.

Unfortunately, the calf died after five days due to ill health.

According to a July 9 report on Mirror, the death was expected as a vet said that they either had to euthanize the animal or keep looking after it till the end.
"It was probably a case of inbreeding that caused the calf to be born with the anomaly. It is a very rare situation,” said local veterinarian Daniel Ribeiro Camargos, as reported.