Each time India wins a match, a flood of memes makes its way into the viral world. A sweeping victory in the recently concluded India vs New Zealand T20I series was no different. While some memes have found itself in praise of the Indian side, there are those which see the funny side. There are also those which make reference to current situations.


The Just for Laughs section on MyNation sports a meme today that aims to poke fun and at the same time draw reference to the current global topic of coronavirus that has made countries, including India, take precautionary members and have people evacuated from China.


While some countries like Pakistan have not bothered to evacuate its citizens, others have taken measures to ensure the safety of others.

Featured in this meme is Sanju Samson who makes a desperate attempt to retrieve the ball that’s crossing the boundary.

India is making efforts and will emerge victorious through all is the message of this meme. A victory that even Kane Williamson might think of switching teams… Just kidding!


But there is no harm in being on the winning side, is there?