New Delhi: Islamic State’s (ISIS) online publication 'Voice of Hind' in English reportedly published a 17-page "lockdown special" edition and urged all those associated with the organisation to attack India by being COVID-19 carriers in the country.


According to India Today, the report asked them to take steps to "annihilate the disbelievers". It also said, "spread COVID virus among as many Kuffar as possible to take them down easily and with less effort".


The cover page of the "lockdown edition" of the magazine, which features an image of the attendees of the Nizamuddin Markaz event and one from the Delhi riots, reads, "Believers stand tall its time for Kuffar to fall (sic)".


The magazine stated, “Keep yourselves armed at all times to never miss a chance to kill as many Kaffirs as you can. Tools like scissors and hammers can come in useful to kill the Kaffir.”