On January 13, a 200-year-old Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi was attacked.

Situated at Mahakal village of Abhaynagar sub-district of Jessore district, Bangladesh, the temple is the pride of the community and lies in the house of late Horipada Das. 

The temple was ransacked by a preparator named Yasin who tried to flee after the desecration, but the angry temple devotees caught him and he was beaten up before being handed over to the police.

Currently in jail after a case was registered against him, 25 year-old Yasin is being described as ‘mad’ by the local police. When asked about his background, there was no history of him attacking any other religious places as told by a Hindu devotee to news website currentriggers.

When the website contacted advocate Gobind Chandra, secretary general of the National Hindu Grand Alliance, the most influential Hindu body in Bangladesh, he condemned the attack but also said that only condemnation won’t act as a deterrent for acts like these and only exemplary punishment for criminals like Yasin can stop religious intolerance in Bangladesh. The advocate demanded a quick trial against criminals like Yasin in the special tribunal to send a message to elements who wish to destroy religious harmony and spread fear in the minorities.

Hindu Forum Sweden’s president and a human rights worker, Chitra Paul, asked for a stronger punishment, condemning the incident.