The Hague: Dutch King Willem-Alexander said that Netherlands would become a key entry point in Europe for Indian companies following the UK's scheduled departure from the European Union (EU) later this month.

He, however, expressed regret over the Brexit process, which is underway in the UK.

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Commenting on the UK's scheduled withdrawal from the European Union on October 31, Willem-Alexander said that Brexit, however, will make the Netherlands become a key entry point for Europe and also for companies from India.

Willem-Alexander said, "We regret the Brexit (process). But with Brexit, the Netherlands will become an even more important entry point in Europe and also for companies from India."

In 2016, nearly 52% of the British electorate had voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU. The country was due to exit the European bloc on March 29 this year, but the deadline has been extended twice, with the new date set for October 31.

The King, who is scheduled to visit India, later this month, said that he was looking forward to the trip, stressing that both countries can collaborate in various sectors including agriculture, water management and climate change.

"India is a very important country for the Netherlands. I am very glad that in the long tradition, my wife (Queen Maxima) and I are visiting India in October. India is amazing, its hustle-bustle, they have vibrant technology, innovations and it is an amazing place to do business," he said.