Islamabad/New Delhi: Pakistan, which has been trying to showcase itself as ‘peace-loving’ and ‘humanitarian’ nation at the international platform, is allegedly assaulting its own security force.

The video has surfaced on social media and netizens have claimed that it portrays the atrocity of Pakistan Army Special Servicclaims that it portrays the atrocity of Pakistan Army Special Service Group (SSG) who can be seen brutally thrashing soldiers of Pakistan Frontier Corps who deserted their posts and fled away after the Baloch Republic Army (BRA) soldiers attacked them.

Baloch Republic Army (BRA) fighters attacked the Pakistani Army outpost in Mand area of Kech on February 27, 2019 raising slogans against the Pakistani Army. To save their lives the soldiers of Pakistan Frontier Corps left their camps and fled.


But these Pakistani soldiers were not lucky enough as they were intercepted by Pakistan’s SSG Commandoes, who were tasked to look out for the deserters.

The video accessed by MyNation shows barbaric punishment being given to their own soldiers for deserting their camps. Soldiers in the video can be seen crying in pain and it is in true spirits Pakistan’s infamous military courts are often called ‘Kangaroo Courts’ as they are known to sentence people without relevant evidence.

The Pakistan Army had mobilised huge troops of the regular Army towards the Eastern Borders leaving the Western Front poorly defended. The BRA has finally decided to give the Frontier Corps of Pakistan a tough fight in return of the barbaric and continuous Human Rights violation in Balochistan.

My Nation had earlier reported that Pakistan is rapidly moving its troops out of Balochistan and adjoining areas and redeploying them along the line of control (LoC).

Baloch fighters hound Pakistan Army as Imran Khan govt shifts soldiers along LoC

The Pakistani military has vacated a number of checkpoints and the local force, called ‘Khasdar’, has been deployed.