Bengaluru: Former Pakistan Ambassador to Indonesia Major General (retd) Syed Mustafa Anwar finds himself in trouble. 

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Pakistan has found him guilty of selling the Embassy building in Jakarta at a low price. 

This development took place in 2001-2002. 

Costing a loss of USD 1.32 million to Pakistan’s exchequer, the NAB adds that Anwar was determined to sell the embassy building immediately after his appointment as the Ambassador to Indonesia.

Reports add that he was in a tearing hurry to sell the building. He had even permitted an advertisement in this regard, without taking the consent of the foreign ministry of Pakistan. 

Interestingly, he had placed a proposal before the ministry, only after the commencement of the procedure, but the ministry had conveyed its rejection through multiple letters. 

A top website noted that Pakistani media has reported that Gen Anwar, flouting all rules, had sold the building located at a prime location in Jakarta and had initiated the process of buying a new property for the embassy that was located at a distant, low-priced area.

The former Ambassador has been found guilty under Section 9 (A) 6 of Pakistan’s National Accountability Ordinance for misuse of powers.
What is further interesting to note is that he was made an Ambassador to the said nation while General Pervez Musharraf was in power. 

It should also be noted that the former Ambassador under question is a relative of Musharraf’s wife. 

While an officer brought this scandal to the notice of the then president, it is said he took action against him, rather than pulling up the former Ambassador. 

And in order to protect him, Musharraf had elevated him to the status of OSD and extended his career, because, as the website notes, he was Musharraf’s wife.