Balochistan: Pakistan continues to kill its minorities. Even as three minor Hindu girls have been abducted, converted and married in Sindhi recently, the Pashtuns continue to press for freedom and raise their voice against forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings of their people.

The killing of Mohammad Ibrahim Arman Loni, a senior member of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM), in police action during a sit-in in front of Loralai Press Club on February 2, has pushed the Pashtun freedom movement into a rather restive mood. 

Showing no signs of cowering down, PTM has called for a massive march against the killing in Peshawar on March 31. The protest march has been called 'Peshawar Long March 4 Pashtun' and the campaign has hit a high on social media, especially Twitter, where #PashtunLongMarch4Arman has become the rallying point for those opposed to Pakistan's rogue treatment of its minorities. 

Meanwhile, the Pashtuns have once again called for a United Nations or NATO-led neutral government in all areas inhabited by the community to end Pakistan's tyranny and terrorism.

Loni was a professor of Pashto literature and a poet who supported the PTM and was killed after being beaten by ASP Attaur Rehman of Loralai when he was part of a sit-in to protest against the Taliban's terror attack in Loralai, which claimed the lives of several civilains apart from many security personnel.