Tatenberg: A 25-year-old Indian student died in Dove Elbe in Germany on Sunday (July 28). He was travelling on a bike with other students when they stopped in Tatenberg to take a break.

The students who stopped at Dove Elbe for a break jumped into the anabranch. While the rest of them surfaced after their dip, an Indian student who was with them went missing.

His friends immediately alerted the police following which a large contingent including the fire brigade and police searched for the man.

The divers discovered the lifeless body of the student at the bottom of the Dove Elbe 40 minutes later.

A team of paramedics began resuscitation immediately during which the student was taken to a hospital.

The situation service police announced then that the student is in mortal danger. The other students were cared for by pastoral workers and suffered from shock, reports stated.

Police have reportedly started investigating the incident.