The Republic of the Congo was established on the 28th of November 1958 but gained independence from France on August 15 in 1960. However, after four years, the name of the nation was changed to Democratic Republic of Congo and the date of celebration of Independence Day was also changed to June 30. Here are the facts about the Republic of Congo that celebrates its independence day on August 15.

 1. Who did they fight against?

The Republic of Congo got its freedom from France. The French Congo occupied the largest city of Congo, Brazzaville on 10 September 1880. The French formally established themselves in Congo on 30 November 1882.

2. Who was its first premier?

Abbé Fulbert Youlou, a laicized Brazzaville-Congolese Roman Catholic priest, became the first President of the Republic of the Congo on its independence. He resigned on 15 August 1963 after an uprising.

3. Which year did they get freedom?

The Republic of Congo got its freedom from France on August 15, 1960. But on June 30, 1964, the name of the country was changed to Democratic Republic of Congo.

4. What kind of government was formed soon after?

Abbé Fulbert Youlou imposed a single party system and imprisoned union leaders in August 1963. He had to resign following opposition in the governance in 1964. However after many changes, the sovereign state has had multi-party elections since 1992. A democratically elected government was ousted in the 1997 after a Civil War. Currently, there is Unitary semi-presidential republic in Congo.

5. What is the Independence Day known as in Congo?

The independence day is called Fête Nationale in Congo.