New Delhi: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan landed his thick soup after his dig at India over how minorities are treated in the country.
Khan, on the occasion of Mohammad Ali Jinnah's birth anniversary on Tuesday, tweeted, "Naya Pakistan is Quaid's (Jinnah) Pakistan and will ensure that our minorities are treated as equal citizens, unlike what is happening in India."

Keeping aside the insult, what is more amusing is that Khan is known for making false promises and he never restricts himself from adding on to the list. Here is a list of his promises, which he failed to keep.
Promise 1: Khan, during his election camping, said that he will not have any protocol. Even after assuming office in August 2018, the government spoke person said that Khan will only have two vehicles and two servants at his disposal.
Reality: Khan is accompanied by six vehicles and is often whisked around in a helicopter. And about the servants? Though his spokesperson stressed the fact that he has only two servants, no one seems to have any clarification on that.
Promise 2: Pakistan’s bureaucracy and politics will be kept separate, Khan promised.
Reality: A district police officer was removed from his post after he refused to apologise to Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi’s, former husband Khawar Maneka.
Also, deputy commissioners of Chakwal and Rajanpur said that they are under political pressure by PTI, reported Pakistan Today.
Promise 3: Khan would not travel abroad for the first three months after assuming the Prime Minister’s office.
Reality: Khan, within a month of taking the oath, decided on trips to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Promise 4: Khan said development projects should be inaugurated by the head of the concerned department.
Reality: Though he criticised former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for inaugurating project by himself, he did the same for the Rawalpindi-Mianwali express.
Promise 5: Khan said that he will not reside in the Prime Minister House.
Reality: After several announcements about his residence, Khan settled for the PM house only.