Nova Scotia (Canada): Days after Bahamas and parts of the US, Hurricane Dorian on Saturday made a severe landfall in Nova Scotia province, Canada, knocking off rooftops and trees and leaving hundreds of people without power.

The hurricane made landfall near Halifax, packing high-speed winds, high waves while showering heavy rains.

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Initially, Dorian was expected to hit as a Category 1 hurricane, but the National Hurricane Centre in Miami upgraded it to a Category 2 on Saturday, CTV News reported.

The weather forecast reported that winds would reach high of up to 150 km/hour, and waves could reach as high as 15 metres. It is also said that no casualties have been reported.

More than 4 lakh people are left in the dark as the hurricane made landfall across Atlantic Canada.

After Dorian made its rainfall in Nova Scotia, the hurricane had uprooted the trees, toppled a crane and construction debris was spread across city roads.

It is also said that Nova Scotia is expected to bear the brunt of the hurricane for the next few days while other provinces in Atlantic Canada could see extensive damage and possible flooding.

Earlier, the UN relief chief had told the Bahamian Prime Minister that he would release $1 million "immediately, from the Central Emergency Response Fund, to deal with exactly the set of priorities that he has identified," after the Category 5 hurricane lashed at the Bahamas leaving more than 30 people dead and several others injured.