Houston: Just hours after Twitterati was gushing over PM Modi’s noble gesture of picking flowers, he has now given us a glimpse of his empathetic side. Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologised to Sandy, who is the wife of US Senator John Cornyn.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi apologised to Sandy as it was her birthday and the US lawmaker was busy attending the Howdy Modi event. 

In a video tweet posted by the Prime Minister's office, Modi is seen directly addressing Cornyn's wife Sandy, who is in her late 60s, while apologising and wishing her a prosperous and peaceful future ahead. The 67-year-old Senator is seen standing next to Modi smiling.

"I would like to say sorry because today is your birthday and your great life partner is with me so naturally you must be jealous today," Prime Minister Modi said. "Wish you all the best, wish you a happy life and very prosperous peaceful future for you. All the best," he said.

The couple have been married for 40 years and have two daughters.

Cornyn, who is a senator from Texas, was among a number of prominent Republican and Democratic lawmakers who attended the mega "Howdy Modi!" event in Houston on Sunday where Modi shared the stage with President Donald Trump and addressed a record crowd of 50,000 Indian-Americans.

When PM Modi enterted Houston, he was given a bouquet of flowers as a welcome gesture and few of them fell. He promptly picked up the flowers and gave it to one of his security personnel. The gesture has been widely praised on social media with several users praising PM Modi for his simplicity. 

A user on Twitter wrote, "Where PM Narendra Modi spontaneously picks up a flower or a stem, which had fallen on the ground from a bouquet presented to him, and hands it over to his security staff. Simplicity!"