Did you face trouble sending or receiving emails on your Gmail account? Well, heave a sigh of relief, it’s not just you. Several people have complained to Google regarding the issue and the company has taken up the matter.

Several countries were affected after Google’s drive suffered an outage. Users have reported issues with Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts and Google Maps.

Google has issued a statement saying they are investigating reports and will soon provide more information shortly.

“The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behaviour,” read the statement.

Gmail has more than one billion users and those who were affected were not able to send emails or receive them.

Some of them received an error message that said, “Message could not be sent. Check your network and try again.”

Some others experienced problems while opening attachments.

Hours after the issue was first reported, Google confirmed that “customers will have issues accessing or attaching files in various products”, including “attaching or accessing attachments” to emails, “as well as accessing and saving draft emails and sending emails.”

Google also confirmed there were issues with uploading and downloading files from Google Drive and uploading photos or attachments to Hangouts.

Google Maps also appeared to be experiencing issues, with users who tried to use Street View mode seeing a black screen, instead of images of the location. This issue was not confirmed by Google on its G Suite dashboard.

Google has not confirmed the cause of the outages or how long they would last.

The issues affected users around the globe, with people in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America reporting problems.

More than three hours after they were first reported, the problems continued. In Australia the hashtag #gmaildown was trending.

Some people in Australia reported that the outages were a good excuse for not working through the afternoon.