Chris Gospel used the cow to propose to his long time girlfriend Eilidh Fraser. Her response was a definite 'yes' after being taken by surprise for few moments.

Chris is a farmer and Eilidh is a veterinary lab assistant at strichen, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Her favourite cow's name is 'Curlytop'. According to a report on, as Eilidh walked inside the house, Chris coaxed her to see Curlytop. When she saw her cow, she couldn't stop smiling because, Chris had popped/penned the question, "Will you marry me," on the side of the cow.

When she turned towards Chris, he was on his knee and an ecstatic Eilidh said, "Yes."

Reports said, her first reaction looking at the question written on her favourite cow was, "What have you done?" Though she kept smiling. Chris wrote the romantic words using blue livestock marker.

The couple now wants to feature their favourite cow too during their wedding, if the venue they choose permits it, say reports.