Chinese authorities have reacted to the video of blindfolded Uighur Muslim population being transferred to ‘re-education centres’, normalising the atrocities as ‘normal’ judicial activites. 

A video from Xinjiang province of China purportedly shot from a drone has come to fore which shows the detainees being led from trains with their heads shaven, eyes covered and hands tied.

The video the Uighur Muslims emerged online even as the United States mounts pressure on China for the inhuman treatment meted out to the Muslim population of the province. 

The United States had also recently blacklisted at least 28 Chinese companies and government agencies over Uighur repression.

The alleged prisoners seen in the video are sitting in rows outside what appears to be a train station.According to some reports, China is shifting some of the Uighur Muslims from detention centres to actual prisons.

China has been facing the flak from many countries in the world for its unprecedented crackdown against the ethnic minority-Uighur Muslim population in Xinjiang. 

Reports also suggest that China is trying to ‘re-educate’ them out of their faith. This as a measure to curb riots and violent protests against the government by Muslim separatists. Reports also suggest that they are railroaded into eating pork. 

If recent evidence is to be believed, China has separated the Uighur Muslim children from their parents before indoctrinating them in camps disguised as schools and orphanages.

In 2015, China had banned civil servants, students and teachers in its mainly Muslim Xinjiang region from fasting during Ramadan and ordered restaurants to stay open.