Dhaka: Akayed Ullah, the Bangladeshi immigrant who was the mastermind behind the attempted bombing on New York City in 2017, was convicted on Tuesday of terrorism charges. 

Here are some facts about Akayed Ullah:

Akayed Ullah, while talking to the law enforcement officers, said that he was inspired by ISIS to carry out the attack and said that he did it for the Islamic State.

He also said that he was angry at US President Donald Trump. "I was angry with Donald Trump because he says he will bomb the Middle East and then he will protect his nation," he said.

On December 11 morning, just a few hours before the attack, Akayed Ullah took to Facebook to give Trump a message. “Trump you failed to protect your nation,” he wrote. 

Akayed Ullah believed that members of the ISIS would understand from this message that he carried out the attack in the name of ISIS.

According to reports, Akayed Ullah’s radicalisation began in 2014 after he started viewing materials online, which included a video asking ISIS supporters to carry out terror attacks in their homelands.

Assistant US attorney George Turner said that Akayed Ullah, following ISIS propaganda, wanted to carry out a "lone wolf" terror attack on Americans.

What happened on that day?

On that fateful day, at around 7.20 am, Akayed Ullah managed to partially denote a pipe bomb in the New York City Subway's Times Square–42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal station. 

While Akayed Ullah was rushed to the Bellevue Hospital for treatment, there were four non-life-threatening injuries.