New Delhi: After the Pashtuns stunned Pakistani authorities and the security establishment with Monday’s march in Peshawar against forced disappearances and atrocities against their movement for freedom from Pakistan, now the Muhajir community is up in arms against the terror-sponsoring country.

The community, comprising of Muslims who had migrated from India during Partition, has extended its support to the Pashtuns, Balochis and the oppressed communities from the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

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Joining their voice with these communities, the Muhajirs have now raised the demand for self-determination and freedom from Pakistan.

The Muhajirs have organised a protest in Washington DC to appeal to world media against the oppression in Pakistan.

The primary Muhajir organisation Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) in the US on Wednesday invited media from all countries to cover their rally and peaceful demonstration which is set to happen on April 7.

The protest would be held in front of the White House in Washington DC. 

Central Organiser of MQM USA, Rehan Ibadat, said, “This rally and protest is a collective effort of Muhajirs, Balochis, Gilgitis, Pashtuns and other oppressed nations of Pakistan against Pakistan’s military and its wing, ISI’s atrocities, brutalities and ferocious behaviour.”

“We demand Right of self-determination and request your media partners in the USA to cover this significant event and to enlighten the world about the shameful and unethical exploitation of basic human rights by Pakistan’s military and civil establishment, mainly, ISI,” Ibadat said in an international release.

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