Bengaluru: It’s nearly twenty years after the United States suffered the worst possible terror attacks on September 11, 2001. 

The twin towers in New York were felled as two planes were rammed into it by hijackers. 

One firefighter who died trying to rescue people caught in the twin towers was Orio Palmer. 

As you all might know, it was the north tower of the twin towers that was hit first at 8: 46 am. At that point in time, Palmer was there, trying to rescue people. 

At 9: 03 am, another plane hit the south tower. Orio Palmer rushed to that part of the twin towers. He took an elevator to the 41st floor. His aim was to get to the impact zone (77th to 85th floors). 

During this time, people who had survived the attack on the 78th floor took an elevator on the 41st floor. As they took it, it got stuck. 

While this happened, Palmer reached the 78th floor. But the impact of the crash was so bad that the south tower collapsed, killing him and several others. 

The tapes which recorded Palmer’s conversations with other firefighters were released years after the attack. 

His brother-in-law FDNY Lt. Jim McCaffrey, stated, "It was emotional sitting with my wife and sister-in-law, listening to the tapes. You're hearing him right at that point prior to the collapse, about the things he saw on the 78th floor. Before that, we didn't even know he got higher than the 40th floor.

The tapes also functioned as a useful source for the analysis of the tragedy. 

The terrorist attacks in the United States left 2996 people killed and over 6000 injured. 

Apart from twin towers, attack was carried out Pentagon as well. However the other planned attack on Whitehouse did not see the light of day as passengers thwarted it.