Kozhikode: Eight pythons were captured by Vanasree workers in a field near Mooryadu Bridge in Kozhikode. The local fishermen informed the forest officials about the presence of pythons in the area.

The pythons were successfully caught by Vanasree workers after which the earth movers levelled the field. According to the residents, the area was home for the pythons for several years and are now feeling safe with the absence of these reptiles. They also alleged that the reason behind less number of stray dogs in that region was because of the pythons.

According to reports, the captured snakes will be stored in Mathottam Vanasree and would later be released in Wayanad's dense forest.

Vanasree is a forest department and is one of the few oldest and important administrative organs of the state. The headquarters of this department is located in Thiruvananthapuram.