Zomato continues to be a topic of debate after a user, Amit Shukla, cancelled his order after a “non-Hindu rider” was assigned to deliver the food that he had ordered. 

Zomato India, including the founder had replied to the user saying that food didn’t have a religion as it is a religion in itself. 

The internet, which first praised Zomato for its response, later was left divided, as several people began to tweet instances of Zomato being hypocritical. 

Several people had tweeted instances wherein a Muslim user had refused to accept food because the meat that was served was not “halal”.

Some others questioned why Zomato had to advocate Halal while listing users, if they truly believed that food has no religion. #Halal and #Zomato was trending because of these instances on Wednesday (July 31). But on August 1, Twitterati began trending #BoycottZomato for its tweet that food has no religion. #BoycottUberEats also trended simply because it had extended its support to Zomato India. 

But a day later, the trend on Twitter was #IDontStandWithAmit as users posted images of Amit’s tweets wherein he had passed crass remarks at Taslima Nasreen - a Bangladeshi writer.