Virginia: A video has gone viral on social media, where a triple murder suspect can be seen running naked, while being chased by the Virginia Police. He reportedly attacked a bystander too. According to reports, the suspect is believed to have killed three members of his family. The accused is identified as Matthew Bernard.

Watch the video here:

The Virginia Police reached the Pittsylvania Country home on Tuesday morning (August 27), after the suspect's neighbour heard the sound of gun shots and rang up the cops. The police found a woman's body on the driveway and another woman's body inside the house along with a child's corpse. The victims are believed to be Bernard's mom, sister and niece.

Bernard attempted to flee once the police arrived. According to police sources, 19-year-old suspect was armed with a rifle. As Bernard tried to go after one of the policemen, the cop is seen using the pepper spray while maintaining a safe distance.

In the video, Bernard is seen trying to attack a bystander as the police officer chases Bernard away. The police finally managed to apprehend him

Bernard has been arrested and is in police custody now. However, the motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained.