Kolkata: It was completely surprising and weird for south Kolkata hospital authorities as three men reached the place claiming to be the newborn's father. To solve the issue, the hospital authorities had to call up the police. 

The drama began on Saturday evening when a pregnant woman with her mother and alleged husband came to the south Kolkata hospital around 6.30pm. The man, who accompanied the woman signed the hospital form, claiming to be the woman's husband and yet-to-be-born baby's dad. He even paid the advance money for the delivery procedures. 

On Sunday morning, another man claiming to be the woman's husband entered the hospital. He insisted to meet the woman. Confused hospital authorities guided the man to the family. 

Seeing the second man, the first man initially argued and within minutes, both started fighting. Watching this, the hospital authorities called up the police. The cops rushed to the spot and took both the men outside the hospital. Police then asked both to present their marriage certificate. Meanwhile, the woman gave birth to a baby girl.

On Sunday evening, one of them produced a marriage certificate, the other stayed back and claimed that he was the woman's friend, and not the husband. But at the same time, the mother of the woman argued that the man, who produced the marriage certificate was not her daughter's husband. 

Soon the cops came to the conclusion that they would question the woman to pronounce who her real husband is. On Monday morning, the cops called the two men and the woman to find a solution to the problem. But the problem grew bigger as another man came to the hospital, alleging he was the child's dad. 

Meanwhile, the woman entered the scene and said that the second man, who produced the marriage certificate is her husband and the baby girl's father. Report claims that the woman and the second man had met in a pub and were a relationship since then. They got married, and soon she became pregnant. However, the same man was reluctant to start a family this early. Upset over this, she filed a complaint against him and he was in prison. 

Now when he came to know that he became a father through a WhatsApp status, he rushed to the hospital to meet the baby and his wife.