Lucknow: The Railway authorities have banned the use of bananas in Lucknow railway station. The violation of ban will result in penalty, said authorities.

The ban is effective at Charbagh railway station in Lucknow. The reason cited by the authorities is that banana peels spread filth.

The authorities stated that among fruits, sale of banana will be banned at the Charbagh station as it is challenging the cleanliness scheme in the region. They also warned that strict action will be taken against those who violate the ban order. Punishment will also include penalty.

However, there is no ban on sale of other fruits.

But this ban order has not been received positively by the traders selling fruits inside the railway station.

One of the vendors speaking to news agency IANS said that due to the ban he has not sold bananas since six days and it was affecting his business. Poor people used to buy bananas as other fruits are expensive. Now they can't eat bananas nor buy any other fruits, he said.

Speaking on the same lines, a customer also said that banana is a safe fruit to eat before and while travelling. Maximum filth is spread by toilet, so that should also be banned along with plastic bottles and snacks that amount to contributing to the filth.