Bengaluru: It looks like, every time Yeddyurappa changes the spelling in his name, he ends up becoming the chief minister of Karnataka.  This was proved again as BJP Karnataka became Karnataka chief minister for the record fourth time soon after he changed his name from Yeddyurappa to Yediyurappa. Initially, when he became chief minister of Karnataka for the first time in 2007 in a coalition agreement with the JD(S), he lasted only seven days. It was then that he changed his spelling from Yedyurappa to  'Yeddyurappa' on the advice of numerologists. But, when he became the chief minister for the second time in 2008, luck didn't last long. He ruled for three-and-a-half years and could not complete his term. In fact, without changing the name again, he became the chief minister for two-and-a-half days in 2018. Thus, again on the advice of numerologists, Yeddyurappa has become Yediyurappa. But after taking oath on Friday (July 26), let us see if the newly inducted 'i' in his name brings him any luck!