The Congress has had ruled for over five decades in India, but there seems to be a shift in the thinking of Indians which is evident in the country electing Narendra Modi as Prime Minister for the second time. The party is finding it hard to project a leader to face the duo of PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah.

The recent Lok Sabha election proved to be the biggest blow yet for the Congress as the party suffered a humiliating defeat. Following this, All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi stepped down from the post of party president.

He officially resigned from the post and ever since then, there was speculation that Priyanka Gandhi will be made the AICC president.

The leaders have tried hard to liken Priyanka to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who still holds a much stronger impression than current leaders from the party.

However, after much dillydallying, Sonia Gandhi is back as AICC president. But can she be the face that will encounter the powerful image of PM Modi and Amit Shah in the current wave of developments?

While the Congress is still trying to portray Priyanka as a leader like Indira Gandhi, the BJP has found its Sardar Patel in the form of Amit Shah, especially post the abolition of Article 370.

It seems like the BJP has won the treasure hunt.