Bengaluru: Day in and day out the notoriety of China is scaling to a new high and there seems to be no let-up in its misadventures. The world is yet to overcome China's Wuhan mischief, whereby over 10 million people suffered the contamination of the coronavirus and nearly half a million people died all across the world so far. 

This dance of death unfolded by the coronavirus is not going to stop unless and until the scientific community comes up with some vaccine to boost the antibodies to neutralize the virus. China instead of offering an apology to the world community for its Wuhan mischief has become more stubborn and has started bullying its neighbours and other smaller nation-states. The world community understands very well that by these tactics China only wants to divert the attention of the world community from the Wuhan virus to its other misadventures. 


China as on date is in confrontation with nations like Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and of late it has started bullying India. Interestingly, China has been able to garner the support of some smaller nations in South Asia like, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar apart from Pakistan, which is at confrontation with India since its creation. Under the prevailing circumstances, India definitely has to safeguard its territory from all sides, which means India is being forced to operate on different fronts. As is known to all, on the intervening night of June 15-16, a fierce hand to hand combat took place between the Indian Army and the PLA men on the Indian side of Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Galwan Valley. 

The fierce hand to hand combat is said to be lasted for more than seven hours, resulting in the killing of over 50 PLA men by Indian troops, while as 20 India brave hearts also attained martyrdom in this face-off. The media reports have confirmed that the attack was premeditated, as the PLA men had come prepared for the face-off with nail-studded clubs and iron rods. 

These bullying tactics of China are known to all. China is known for engaging in such a kind of psychological war games to show its might. But, this time things went contrary to the expectations of China and the Chinese President Xi Jingping received a hard jab right on his face. China seems to have forgotten that India is a rising sovereign global power and has every right to defend its territory, which can't be compromised with. 


China is following the footsteps of North Korea, whereby it has almost become the second black-hole on the earth, which doesn't believe in sharing its information with the world community. The thrift of China to become the global superpower by hook or crook has led it to tread the wrong road, with the result China is being seen as a threat to the entire world. To understand the Galwan face-off, one needs to look at the chronology of events, which led to the brutal face-off between the two armies on June 15, 2020. 

The hypocrisy of China can be gauged from the fact that it wants to do all sorts of construction work on its side of the border, but objects to construction work undertaken by India on its side. On May 5, China opposed the construction of a bridge and other feeder roads by the Indian government in the Galwan region, in fact, Indian and Chinese troops had clashed on May 5 and 9, and some more clashes were reported on May 15 in which a good number of soldiers received injuries. 

On June 6 India and China had commander level talks to de-escalate the rising tension between the two armies. As per the understanding reached at the commander level talks, on June 15, Colonel B Santosh Babu and his squad of 30 men visited the site to ensure whether the Chinese men have removed tents and observation posts erected on the Indian side of LAC, but were found intact. All this led to the confrontation between the two armies, in which Babu and his men dismantled the observation post and tent. 


The stand-off is being rated as the deadly confrontation between the two armies during the last 45 years. It is pertinent to mention that Indian brave hearts involved in the face-off with Chinese troops were from 16 Bihar, 3 Punjab, and 81 fields Regiment. The biggest tragedy with India is that it faces more dangers and challenges from within from its anti-national elements, which have allied with rogue nations like Pakistan and China. Hardly a day passes when these anti-national elements don't attempt to weaken their nation. 

These rogue elements criticize the functioning of government for the sake of criticism only, despite knowing very well that country is in safe hands. It is one man (Prime Minister Modi) who actually has made the life of all these anti-nationals hell. These antinationals act more like a pack of hyenas to overthrow the lion, but to their dismay, they can't dethrone him for being backed by all the nationalist countrymen. Even a layman can make out from the statements made post-June 15, 2020 by Rahul Gandhi and other congressmen that their words don't match their deeds. 

The moment news broke about the Galwan valley face-off and the death of 20 India brave hearts, the joy of Rahul Gandhi and his teammates was apparent from the chain of tweets they did. The overjoyed Rahul Gandhi even lost control over his tongue and forgot the decency to address his Premier. 

But this joy of Rahul Gandhi and his followers turned into sorrow the moment subsequent news broke about the killing of nearly 45 to 50 PLA men by the Indian brave hearts. The fact remains all these anti national elements celebrated the death of Indian brave hearts, but mourned the killing of Chinese soldiers. What is most unfortunate, every time the government came out with the statement about the status of Galwan face-off, these anti-nationals showed disbelief and tried to mislead the country by making false statements like Indian territory has been occupied by the Chinese troops in Ladakh. 


This chest-beating of congress got exposed the moment audiotape of a local congress leader from Ladakh got public, in which he wished half the Ladakh should go to China and Kashmir should go to Pakistan. These anti-national elements not only curse Prime Minister Modi on day to day basis but also wish evil to their motherland. Congress seems to have fallen in its own trap, whereby the party is being questioned and is asked to make public the agreement that Rahul Gandhi singed at party level with China's Communist party in 2008 in presence of Sonia Gandhi and Xi, Jinping. 

So far it has come to fore that congress party received 90 lakh rupees donation from the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in India in 2006 for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. It has also come to fore that in 1991 PM Manmohan Singh gave Rs. 100 cr to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation from PM relief fund. People have come to know about the chameleon nature of congressmen who are hell-bent from top-down to demoralize the Indian forces, spread misinformation, polarize country, and to fume communal flare only to beat their frustration of being out of power since 2014. 

Interestingly, India always patronized the nation-states in its neighborhood, especially the SAARC nations, but unfortunately, this largeheartedness of India is also somewhere being undermined by these smaller nations as the weakness of India. Pakistan is one such nation which is at confrontation with India since 1947 and being a true ally of China is prepared to provide all logistics and other support to China in its war with India. Pakistan is looking forward to the day when the war will break between India and China. What is more surprising is that smaller nations like, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, to whom India always patronized have started dancing to the Chinese tunes. 

The fact remains opportunism moves alongside the wheel of time and so do people know how, when, and where to encash a particular opportunity. The brutal face-off between the Indian Army and the PLA of China in Galwan Valley of Ladakh, has sent shock waves across the world. This face-off not only let the world community know about the valor and courage of Indian armed forces but also exposed the Chinese army of being weak and unprofessional. 

The killing of nearly 45 to 50 PLA men by Indian army in a hand to hand stand-off has called the Chinese bluff of having the superior and trained army. China knows it very well that any further engagement of Chinese troops with the Indian Army may cost it dearly, whereby the world may question China as a power, hence is at the threshold to lose its limited hollow supremacy. 

The death of 20 Indian soldiers has already set the mood of the nation to avenge their death at any cost., China on the other hand, which does not value human life once again proved to the world community that China is a rogue nation and believes in hiding facts, and this time China again won't let the world community know about the number of soldiers, who got killed by the Indian forces in one of the fierce face-offs witnessed by the two armies. Nevertheless, the time seems to be ticking for Xi Jinping, whereby he may face the wrath of his own people. 

There is growing anguish among Chinese people, firstly for concealing the loss its army suffered in the brutal face-off and secondly by disrespecting it soldiers by not paying them the last respects like India did, which performed the last rites of their soldiers with full military honor. Sooner or later this anguish is bound to change the course of both Chinese and Xi Jinpings destiny. Jingping couldn't resist his power thrift, with the result has already passed the resolution to move the fixed term presidency to his lifetime presidency. It is a very well-known fact that China is overambitious to become the global superpower, whereby it wants to topple the US to establish its supremacy. 

By this time the world has understood that China engages in tactics to project itself as a nation contributing to world order, but the fact remains China never behaved like a mature state. Remaining in limelight for all wrong reasons has become somewhat endemic to China. The fundamental difference between India and China is that India is a democracy, which unlike China believes in human values, and supports the smaller nations in their sustenance. China on the other hand is a nation that believes in bullying smaller nations. China wants to become a global superpower by crushing weak and smaller nations, while India wants to become a global superpower by its contribution to the global order, by supporting the smaller and weak nations, by holding humanity above everything and above all believing in the hymn, 'Vasudeva Kutumbakam'. 


China indeed has progressed manifold and there should be no second thought in the fact that China is both economically and militarily stronger than India, but this should not lead Chinese to the misconception that India is a weak state, the fact which China of late tasted in Galwan face-off. Chinese attempt to bully the Indian solider in Galwan Valley can also be seen from the psychological point of view. China has created a sort of fear psychosis in the entire world, whereby it is constantly projecting itself as a military might.

There is no denial in it that China is working on building military capabilities and over the years it has enhanced its military budget manifold. However, the defence experts are of the view that, unlike the Indian army, the Chinese army has a limited war exposure hence can't stand in direct confrontation with a professional army like India. China believes in warmongering, showing off its military might and weaponry, by undertaking military exercises at different levels to push the opponent to back foot, to lower down the morale of the rival troops, and then bargain on the negotiations table. 

China knows it very well that Prime Minster Narendra Modi and his team is different from the one which was at the helm of affairs before 2014. The present dispensation has been handed over reins by the countrymen for the ideology they stand for and upholding the sovereignty and integrity of the country foremost. 

China is known for backstabbing both its friends and foes to achieve its material objectives. China backstabbed Nehru in 1962, when Nehru on one hand was busy in sloganeering HindiChini Bhai-Bhai, China on the other hand had opened the front against India. In 2020, Jinping backstabbed Prime Minister Modi in Galwan, despite the warm-heartedness shown by Indian Premier towards Jinping at several occasions, be it during Ahmedabad, Gujrat on September 17-19, 2014 on his state visit or on October 11-12, 2019 in Mamallapuram, Chennai in an informal summit with Prime Minister Modi. Both the leaders have met nearly 13 times during the last six years and Prime Minister Modi extended a friendly hand and warm welcome every time, but of no avail. As is said old habits die hard, so holds true of China, it cannot shun its habit of backstabbing its friends.

From the public anguish, it appears that if given chance the common masses of India are ready to fight it out directly with the Chinese army not only to avenge the death of 20 Indian brave hearts but also to teach the world's most notorious county the lifetime lesson, whereby it may not imagine in its wildest dreams to mess with India again. The befitting reply given to China by Indian forces will let China think twice the next time it tries to mess up with India. 

Apart from militarily, India has made its intentions clear to corner China economically and diplomatically as well. As of now, the Indian masses have decided to corner the dragon economically by boycotting Chinese goods and services. 

There is a nationwide campaign against the use of Chinese software by the mobile users. Even the security agencies in India have already released a long list of Chinese software's which have been deemed as a potential threat, whereby the security of personal information of an individual mobile user can be compromised with. 

It was Sonum Wangchuk, who on May 31, 2020, released a short video message, asking his fellow countrymen to boycott the Chinese goods and be part of the fight against China alongside the Indian army. The video message went viral and is said to be watched by more than two million people in two days. 

Wangchuck is of the view that every citizen has a duty towards his nation and if the army men can fight a battle at border, so can civilians join this fight from their respective places. China on one hand is profiting by selling its goods and services to India, on the other hand, it is keeping an evil eye on the territory of India.