Bengaluru: The United Nations Human Rights Council chief, Michelle Bachelet, was at it again. Under her direction, the UN rights panel has sought to intervene as the amicus curiae to assist the Supreme Court in adjudicating the constitutional validity of the newly amended citizenship law.

It may be recalled that in September 2019 she had raked the issue of communication blockage in Jammu and Kashmir. This, despite India raising severe security concerns and also saying that the issue relating to Jammu and Kashmir and Article 370 were entirely India’s internal matters.

Subversive of India’s sovereignty:

Senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani said that the act by the UNHRC of filing a petition is shocking in the extreme. Apart from expressing gross double standards, it has never condemned, let alone initiate any action against any theocracy. Its action is nothing but stark interference in India’s internal affairs.

The UNHRC has a presence in India at the sufferance of the Government of India. Its action is subversive of India’s sovereignty and an insult to Parliament. All right-minded citizens must call upon the government to order UNHRC to wind up its offices in the country.

Quitting the UNHRC:

Jethmalani also said that India must quit the UNHRC and the UNHRC must quit India as soon as possible. We are being monitored and judged on human rights by a group of 47 countries most of whom should blush when even using the phrase human rights, Mahesh Jethmalani also goes on to say.

Legal experts while asked about the intervening application filed by the UN say that it deserves to be trashed. This is India’s internal matter and the citizenship law does not impact human rights of a single person It is in fact aimed at giving home to a minority that has been religiously persecuted. Hence this petition does not deserve to stand the test of the law.

Is withdrawing a good option:

Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan says that he is not in favour of withdrawing from the UNHRC. We must have a presence and if we exit, their lies will not stop. If lies keep getting repeated, it starts to sink in. India’s approach should be you speak, and I will speak with equal force. I will accuse you with facts.

India should taunt the UN with issues such as China and Balochistan. Take examples of various minority groups that are being tortured. Raise the issue of the Turks, the Syrians, says Amar Bhushan.

India should take on Michelle Bachelet directly and speak about her own record. Take on issues in Latin America, Europe and taunt the UN, he further adds.

Do they want to balkanise India?

There is a sinister design against India. These persons have no conscience when it comes to India. Do they want to balkanise India? Is it in their agenda? Do they want to divide India? Amar Bhushan asks.

He further adds that the Europeans are the biggest hypocrites in the world. These human rights activists have done nothing in their life.

What moral authority does this lady Michelle Bachelet have to speak? When Bachelet was the Chilean president, a series of political corruption scandals were reported. A report on April 8, 2015 said that her son, Sebastin Davalos, was to be questioned by prosecutors about his role in a possible illegal real estate transaction. It also said that Davalos and his wife, Natalia, had used their political connections to obtain a $10 million bank loan, which they used to flip a property in order to earn millions of dollars.

On March 2, 2020, a report surfaced, stating that more than 180 children in Chile were held in preventive detention for up to four months. Violent clashes over metro fares resulted in nationwide demonstrations.

Further, it said that a report by the national investigative police found that sexual abuse against detained minors had been reported in 50% of the centres. The former Chilean president who is now the UNHRC chief may want to have a look at her own country rather than interfere with India’s internal matters which is not even violative of any human rights law.