A government is bound to protect the citizens irrespective of the difference in ideology they follow.
But cut to how the Maharashtra government has behaved and you will be left shocked!
First comes the issue of how it behaved with Kangana Ranaut. The moment she uttered statements that put the government in a spot of bother over different issues, the BMC decided to demolish her structure, out of pure vindictiveness.
And more shockingly was its open declaration of the same! In its mouthpiece Saamna, it even justified its cause.
Now in what comes as another emphatic exhibition of its dictatorial attitude, a reporting team from Republic TV has been jailed as it pursued a journalistic lead, reports add, near Uddhav Thackeray’s farmhouse.
There are also reports that the Shiva Sena government is trying to block Republic TV in Maharashtra!
This move comes just weeks after the Sonia Sena filed as many as 200 FIRs against Arnab Goswami for seeking Sonia’s condemnation of Palghar lynchings.
Any move to muzzle or stymie the functioning of a free press will be antithetical to the cause of democracy.
Moreover, brute force by the state against its citizens is completely unacceptable.
On the political front, whatever Uddhav Thackeray’s government is doing is nothing less than suicidal!
They are offering it on a platter to the opposition BJP.
The best thing that the Shiva Sena could have done is to remain silent on the Kangana Ranaut issue. By taking this draconian step against her, it has given her an opportunity to earn phenomenal political mileage.
Moreover, NCP chief Sharad Pawar, himself has expressed disappointment over the way the Shiva Sena has handled the Kangana issue.
As more media scrutiny into the issue is put in, it is more embarrassment for the Shiva Sena government.
Fashion designer Manish Malhotra too has been served a notice for his building violations. But he has been given a 7-day notice period to respond. Now, there are questions as to why Kangana was given just one day to respond, while he has been given 7 days.
But instead of correcting its follies, the Shiva Sena is becoming more and more vindictive. Today, Kangana put out a message to AICC chief Sonia Gandhi asking her if she would support the action taken by the Shiva Sena in this regard. As days go on, as promised by herself, Kangana Ranaut would be exposing more of Uddhav Thackeray’s misdeeds.
By the way, why would a chief minister feel threatened by an actor like Kangana?
It certainly leaves a lot to be answered!